Cooking Fever

Feverish revolution in the kitchen

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Cooking Fever is a time management/cooking game that puts players in the role of a short order cook. Players create increasingly complicated meals for their patrons while upgrading their restaurants and kitchens.

If you've played one cooking game, you've probably got a good idea of how they all work. You have a set number of ingredients, a group of picky customers, and a limited amount of time to get every meal right. Cooking Fever takes the basics of the genre and puts a few easy twists on things. The biggest twist is the perspective - you get to keep track of your customers even as you cook, so you never miss anything. The other major twist is a dialing back of difficulty. There's no flipping burgers here - cooking is more about moving items from one place to another.

While generally quite entertaining, Cooking Fever has one major downside - it's a free to play game. This means that a great deal of content is gated behind time or real money, and it takes a lot of patience for a player to keep coming back as they wait. If you can ignore this aspect (or you feel like spending money), this is about as good as cooking management simulators get. If you can't, you'll find annoyances around every corner.

In the end, Cooking Fever is a good distraction. It'd be better without the gated content, but it's a vital part of the game's design. If you want to play a fun cooking game and you don't expect the world from it, though, you can enjoy Cooking Fever on its own merits.


Looks great

Legitimately challenging

Good twist on the genre


Too much content behind time gates

Really wants you to spend money on upgrades

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